OVERALL: A lot is going on this month but, mainly, the ushering in of autumn. Similarly, there is a sophistication rising in the catalogue that is pretty great. The company is blessed by something that has been making a mark on recent spreads: fantastic styling! And, of course, THE ROMANTICS.

This cover is giving all kinds of The Queen Is Dead meets the lobby of an off-highway hotel, multiplied by jelly beans and a muppet. Love it.

PAGE 6, 8, 16, 30, 38, 41, ETC.
Throughout the catalogue, there is a LOT of really great styling happening. I've highlighted most of them, but--eventually--just stopped because it was uniformly great (besides two missteps).

OMG I HATE that top. It just seems so cheap: lace overlayed on to some white cloth (even if it's silk) and layered? No, thank you.

Guys, your "Famous Ballet Flats" look jank. What happened? Usually they are really, really great; but some of these are so pedestrian, I could vomit. Jenna--can you fix this ASAP?

Umm these sequined pants need to be, like, everywhere. I love them so much (despite them kind of making you look like you need to poop out a glitter party).

Continuing their gender bending ways, these shoes are FANTASTIC. Very Janelle Monae, very little hipster girl, very "now." I absolutely love them and their little heel. One thing for price conscious buyers: go to a vintage store. You can find these for less than $60 and in great shape.

(Also, the second photo of the purse looks like Goatse. Ew.)


I'm such a sucker for booties, which J.Crew has been serving up hot lately. I'm also not really a fan of unique heels, but I love the third one on that photo. There need to be more of those.

Stop. Stop right now. Stop. Walk away. Actually, come back: can someone pleaseeee tell me more about this Reversible Italian Cashmere Cocoon Popover? I've been dreaming about this all of my life. It is BEAUTIFUL. There is now flaw to it. I'm 100% sure it is very, very expensive and that they are very, very limited. It's gorgeous. Everyone needs one. My eyes need to see more fabulous on the daily and this, people, is fabulous.

HELLLL YESSSS: she's back! My little androgynous doll!

I love these Minnie Pants. They are so sophisticated and fun. You can dress them up, down, and any way you like them. They're very old fashioned, yet modern, day, night, or business wear. I suggest you buy that one on the bottom right.

Everything about this look is perfect. Those pants are essential. Buy it all here.

You're pushing this in both Men and Women. But, no, sorry: cords aren't coming back. They're such a lazy, messy, slumpy look. Even in skinny, they're mostly bad. Please don't be tempted by this. Instead, buy velvet pants (yes, that's a joke).

PAGE 54 - 65
This section is to be loved/hated: so many great styled items, some really great clothes, a really great editorial concept, but some bad, bad, badddd styling, bad clothing items, and the model is lame.

This is the WORST styled item in the catalogue. Just messy. And, are you serious: headphones? Is this an Urban Outfitters catalogue? Stop.

I'll say this once: no, Soccer Moms, no.

Um, how gross does she look? Is this an American Apparel ad? JENNA: WHAT IS GOING ON?

PAGE 66 - 75
This section is fantastic as it is a very sophisticated, non-pedestrian take on the old "fashion meets sports" idea for and editorial. The one complaint: whistles are never going to be "a thing." Sorry, 'Crew.

PAGE 78 - 81
Consider this a beautiful intermission, since we loved it last month.

YESSSSS: THAT'S MY GIRL. Simply amazing.

PAGE 84 - 87
Ashley. Wedding specialist. Can you SHOW the dresses instead of cutting them off halfway? They're wedding dresses, not play toys.

PAGE 90 - 93
YESSSSS: THEY BROUGHT THIS BACK. Ashley, you rectified your previous error.

PAGE 94 - 95
Can I have this girl? Please?

PAGE 96 - 103
MOVIE PLUG MOVIE PLUG MOVIE PLUGGGG. Now, I'm actually pretty into this idea; however, one of the biggest players in the film is missing: where is Anna Paquain? They just used all the "beautiful" people. Whatever. Over it.

PAGE 100

PAGE 104 - 139
The Men's Shop this month takes on a sort of "Man for All Seasons" mentality that I don't enjoy. Who is the creep on page 105? What about that scary guy on page 109?

Here, I helped you figure out what to buy.

FINALLY: something I can fall in love with. Can I get this on my body NOW? (The clothes--not him.)

Alden Suede Boots? More like Alden ZZZZZZ Boots.

On my body. NOW. I've said this once, I've said it a thousand times: J.Crew's flannels are the ONLY flannels one should buy.

I really don't know how I feel about this sweater. I love toggles, but hate that model and rope fasteners. I think I'll decide to hate this...?

Even though I'm sure these photos of this model are used every month, I love him. He's so great. He's like a new Tyson Beckford without an annoying personality.

Yes, it is a short summer. As in, you will cut yourself if you wear these boring ass shorts.

This jacket is AWFUL (multiple fabrics bleeeehhhh), but those shirts are 100% great. The chambray is one you should definitely buy from the 'Crew themselves; however, the sailor shirt can be purchased for $10 - $20 online or at any army/navy store.

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